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Cosanta Technology Group specializes in holistic technology and security solutions.

Dara Knot

About Cosanta technology group

Cosanta means protected or safeguarded in Irish Gaelic and the Dara Knot is a Gaelic symbol of strength and security.

We take a holistic approach to designing comprehensive solutions for your security and technology needs. Instead of just selling you a product we want to look at the big picture and design a proper solution with you.

We have a command of nearly every technology discipline as well as decades of physical and technical security experience dealing with small and massive companies.


While we have an extensive amount of experience across the board with varying sizes of companies and solutions here are some of the areas we have a extremely solid niche. Some of these areas such as maritime as well are casinos and resorts are very demanding and have very specific needs.

The links will be updated soon with content pages however below are areas we feel we excel at!

Technology solutions

Below are some of the technology solutions we represent and have experience in. If it's technical there is a high probability we have experience in it.


Below are some of the project based solutions we specialize in. We have over 20 years of technical project management as well as a good deal of experience in patent landscaping and IP protection.

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If you have a project that you would like a proposal for or a feasibility study or maybe you just have a nasty technical issue you need help with send us a note and we will contact you immediately.



Between the group of us we have a command of every technology discipline as well as unique vertical focuses in areas such as government facilities, airports, casinos and resorts.

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Feel free to contact us and we can discuss any technology or security needs with you.

Macau Office
Level 20, AIA Tower, 251A – 301, Avenida Comercial De Macau

Philippines Office
#91, 111 CPalanca, Legaspi Village, Makati, Manila 1229

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